StrawBerry Ridge is an adult, gated community located in Valrico, FL. There are 867 homes in The Ridge. The community boasts indoor and outdoor pools, spas, a brand new Fitness Center, Activity Center, and Clubhouse. There are tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a ceramics shop and a woodshop. In addition to all the various activities, there is also a library and billiards room on premises. StrawBerry Ridge has so much to offer. Why would you want to live anywhere else!



JUNE 29th

Happy Birthday to David Phillips!

FROM THE MANAGER’S DESK By: Teresa Fuller, Manager

We are beyond thrilled by the recent reveal of StrawBerry Ridge’s aerial video … the footage captured is beautiful! For you Ridgers, I’m sure this has been and will continue to be an enjoyable way to show off your home to friends and family, especially those who live in other parts of the country. For 
those future residents of StrawBerry Ridge, these aerial views are meant to offer a new and exciting viewpoint for those customers who haven’t quite decided where they might want to live; it nicely sums up our lifestyle … from a 10,000-foot view! But even more so, it provides an outlet to those customers who live up north to take a “virtual” tour of our community from a remote location, especially since hopping on a plane or packing up the car to travel here might not be that easy.  This videos is now available on several outlets:

Our website – click the “Birds Eye View” button on the homepage

Our YouTube Channel – click to play the “STRAWBERRY RIDGE” video 

Our Facebook page

Enjoy, enjoy, and please do share with your friends, family and neighbors!


Tuesday, June 30th

Wednesday, July 1st

Thursday, July 2nd
Friday, July 3rd

Saturday, July 4th

In addition, there are many activities/events that take place every week,  and there is also a nice library, puzzle closet, etc. for your use. Some of the activities are already on hiatus.  Check the SR calendar if in doubt.  Don't forget the Fitness Center, Wood Shop, and Ceramics Shop.  Some of the activities are on hiatus for the summer.  Check the Toppings, the Blogs, Bulletin Boards, and the Community Channel for info.



Presented by Lifestyles after 50 in conjunction
with the SRHA

Proceeds to go to Animal Resource Center in
Hillsborough County


BETTY BOWMAN, 605 Choo Choo Lane, passed on 6/15/15.Our condolences to her daughter Donna Palmertree & Noel, and granddaughter Amy Lumpkins & Fred and to the rest of her family.  Our thoughts are with all of you.  May she rest in peace!

DAVID WEIR, 135 Sky Ridge Drive, passed on 6/11/15.  He will be missed by many.  We offer our heartfelt sympathy to all his family and friends!  No Services are planned.

JOHN REGO, former StrawBerry Ridge resident, passed away on 6/2/15.  John was a veteran of the Korean War, loved to play Bingo, hanging out at the Woodshop, and going to the casino. He and Jeannie wintered in the Ridge for many years and had many friends.  Our sincere condolences to Jeannie and their family!  Condolences may be left at or sent to Jean at  88 Briarwood Drive, Taunton, MA  02780

ROSEMARY SONIA, 416 Klickety Klak Lane, passed on June 2, 2015.  Our sincere condolences to her husband, Ray, and all their family.  Rosemary and Ray are long-time StrawBerry Ridge residents.  There will be no services.

KEN DEGRAAF, 3517 Meteor Place, passed on May 31, 2015 after a month-long battle with cancer.  Heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife, Karen, and all his family!   Private services will be held.

CONNIE MOORE, 407 Silver Streak Lane, passed on June 2, 2015.  She was predeceased by her husband, Herb. Condolences to all her family and friends! There are no services.

An outstanding garden in Strawberry Ridge

When Christine Ritter sent me an email about her next-door neighbor's garden with hollyhocks, delphinium, dahlias, foxgloves and more, I had to go see it. She called it the most beautiful yard in Strawberry Ridge. I already knew there are many amazing gardens there. Joyce and John Gill have lived in Valrico for 17 years. The property was just a pile of dirt when they came. Joyce had always gardened and done so in five different zones, but she still had to learn from trial and error. She tried tulips and they didn't do at all. The peonies she planted came up and died. Now she is successful with crape myrtles and magnolias.

John is a park maintenance supervisor who will retire at the end of the year, but he already helps Joyce in their own garden. There is a preserve behind it, which is a plus for privacy and a mostly pleasant background, but can be a source of nasty vines like air potato that cross boundaries. When weeds try to settle in this garden, they don't stay long.

The front yard and plants on the porch would be garden enough for many people. Joyce has two great talents I wish I had: absolute neatness and a flair for garden art. Even the carport is attractive, with a large jade plant and dried bouquets at the side door.

Their lot is pie-shaped and quite large in the back. Strips of white fencing provide a bright background to some of the flower beds. Sure enough, she had three large pots of foxgloves in full bloom. She buys them and the delphinium at Kerby's Nursery in Brandon when they first come in. One summer they lasted until August.

She has kept dahlias year-round and has grown some of the tall ones that have huge blooms, but they were hard to stake. Now she enjoys the dwarf ones, which require less maintenance. Her hollyhocks are the Vietnamese kind, and she has both pink and yellow.

All of the beds are neatly edged, some with stone or concrete edgers. And there are stepping stones or paths for easy access to every plant. Even the mulches - some stone, some rubber - add to the scene. I haven't recommended rubber mulch because there has been concern about what it does to the soil. But it has worked well for the Gills, and it does last much longer. They say they've had no problems with their plants.

Joyce works in her garden about 20 hours a week, more if she and John have a weekend project to work on together. On the side between their home and Christine's, Joyce grows her orchids through the warm months hanging from a magnolia tree.

She tries to water as much as she can from her rain barrel. When it's dry, she uses the hose on the shower setting. She soaks her pots and simply sprinkles the ground gardens.
She feeds everything with Miracle-Gro sprayed through the hose. She also spreads Kirby's fertilizer about three times a year.

Joyce likes gardening for the peacefulness it gives when she is out there and can forget all things except what she's doing at the moment - and for the beauty it adds to her world.

Today's pick is the Hoya compacta cultivar Krinkle Kurl, commonly called Hindu rope, Indian rope, angel rope or porcelain flower. This tropical perennial vine grows no more than 6 feet a year and thrives in sun to partial or light shade. Joyce has a beauty in full bloom on her screened porch.
This plant needs consistent watering. You shouldn't let it go dry or over-water it. The flowers are fragrant and attracts bees, butterflies and birds outdoors. The plant can be multiplied from green or woody stem cuttings. Like most hoyas, it blooms best if it's pot bound.

Now's the time air potato vines are resurrecting and trying to take over everything. Pull them out whenever you see them. If you find the little potatoes, put them in the freezer overnight and that should kill them. They are very rampant, like most weedy vines, but they pull easily.

Brandon News


Jose & Christine Gomez
(From Valrico, FL)
613 Choo Choo Lane

Cindy Turkett
(From Lexington, NC)
119 Coral Crest Drive

Douglas & Cindy Dwyer
(From Monravia, NY)
136 Sky Ridge Drive

Gary & Diana Crandall
(From Dover, FL)
3608 Cinder Drive

Mary Jo Blanchette
(From St. George, VT)
131 Sky Ridge Drive

Robert & Carol Carpenter
(From Tampa, FL)
515 Choo Choo Lane

Debbie McAlpine & David Servan
(From Warsaw, IN)
3515 Wildberry Way

Jean Sauter
(From West Hatfield, MA)
117 Coral Crest Drive

George & Tamara Ervin
(From Thonotosassa, FL)
111 Coral Crest Drive

James E. Shaw
(From Brandon, FL)
Jolene Newton
(From Zanesville OH)
124 Coral Crest Drive

Martin Mattoon
(From Groton, NY)
107 Sky Ridge Drive

David & Gloria Stanley
(From Brandon, FL)
118 Taho Circle

Norman Gjestland
(From Valrico, FL)
267 Taho Circle

Louis Pacinello
(From Valrico, FL )
Lisa McKendree
(From Blackshear, GA)
105 Sky Ridge Drive


Kenneth & Norma Nay

Mike & Teresa Fuller

Tom & Bunny Turowski

Frank & Rose Panella, Jr.

Ken & Karen De Graaf

Bengt & Mona Holmsen

Vern & Gwen Smith

Norm & Chris Loiselle

Bill & Barbara Ansbro

Kenneth & Ruth Coleman

Ray & Carol Gagne


6/3  -  Carole Felicia
6/4  -  Erika Cosentino
6/7 -   Donald Cofrancesco
6/8 -   Sally Jordan
6/9 -   Bonnie Bell
6/9 -   Jeannie Lewis
6/12 - Fran Crews
6/12 - Iris Tice
6/15 - Bob Burfitt
6/19 - Karen De Graaf
6/19 - Carol Porter
6/19 - Kathy Snodgrass
6/20 - John Gill
6/20 - Hower St. Clair
6/21 - Noel Palmertree
6/21 - Damien Bledsoe
6/22 - Linda Lumpkins
6/23 - Frankie Jordan
6/24 - Ed Craddock
6/27 - John Sessions
6/27 - Lorraine Pistani
6/29 - David Phillips



The SRHA sponsored a bus to go to the Straz Center on 5/22/15
to see the Florida Orchestra perform LET FREEDOM RING. It was a wonderful presentation, and a great time was had by all!


On Tuesday, June 30th, the Strawberry Ridge Homeowners Association in conjunction with the Brandon Republican Club will present a free ice cream social at the Clubhouse starting at 6:30 PM.   Congressman Dennis Ross will be attending for a resident "meet & greet".

Come, enjoy ice cream with all the fixins, and say hello to U.S. Congressman Dennis Ross who will join us at this event.    You will have the opportunity to share your opinions on issues important to you with your Congressman.

HURRICANE SEASON - June 1 to December 1

Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. With hurricane season upon us, we should start making our plans in the event one comes our way. The following information is for people who have special needs and need help in evacuating:

There are several Special Needs (Medical) Shelters in Hillsborough County. A special needs shelter is a temporary emergency facility capable of providing care to residents whose medical condition is such that it exceeds the capabilities of the Red Cross Shelter but is not severe enough to require hospitalization. Health Department doctors and nurses support these shelters. You must be pre-registered before the hurricane. Early registration allows emergency officials to quickly identify and check on those that need medical attention. Special Needs applications are available by calling Hillsborough County's Infoline at (813) 272-5900 or the Hillsborough County Health Department (813) 307-8063. This will help in determining which shelter they should go to and what, if any assistance they require to evacuate. You can pick up a form at the SRHA Office or download it at  They will also be available at Wednesday Night Bingo through 5/27.  Once you fill out the form, the SRHA will be happy to fax it in for you.  It only needs to be filled out once.  The country will contact you each year to update it.  All info is confidential!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WITHOUT SPECIAL NEEDS, be advised that the following shelters are the closest to us. You will be advised as to which one(s) are open for each event:

Valrico Elementary, 609 S. Miller Rd.
Nelson Elementary, 5413 Durant Rd.
Mulrennan MS, 4215 Durant Rd.

For a list of items you should take with you, see

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PROTECTING YOUR PET,  call 813-744-5660 or go to  The ones that accept pets are:

Shields Middle School 15732 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin
Bartels Middle School 9020 Imperial Oak Blvd
Smith Middle School 14303 Citrus Pointe Dr. Citrus Park
Burnett Middle School 1010 N. Kingsway Rd, Seffner for more info.

Everyone should file their emergency contact numbers with the Sales Office in the event of an emergency.  This is especially true for those residents who live alone.  With that info in their file for you, it will be much easier to contact a relative in the event of any emergency.  This is a good time to prepare your home by making sure that all trees around your home are trimmed and that the exterior of your home is in good order. You can also start stocking up on batteries, non-perishable food, and water. Make sure that you don't let your medications run out. Keep the gas tank in your car full. Have some cash on hand. Have you had your hurricane straps checked recently to make sure that they are secure? Do you have a cellphone in the event that our phone service is interrupted for a long time? There is a government-sponsored program that will provide individuals who quality with a free cellphone. To see if you qualify, go to

For more info on hurricane preparedness, go to


Join us for a meal
5:00pm TO 6:30pm
or until sold out
Meal is different each week
Come join your friends and neighbors!
Only $4
Everyone Welcome


Planned and Cooked by Mary P. and Helpers
Questions?  Call or see Mary P.


We have a new club! The Quilters will now meet every Tuesday at a new time in the back room at the AC!


By Rose Panella

Our membership is $6.00 for 1 year and $15.00 for 3 years. Joining now for 1 year gives you a membership from April 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2016. If you decided to join for 3 years, your membership will be from April 1, 2015 thru March 31, 2018.

I will be posting a list of those current members whose membership has expired effective March 31, 2015. Applications for joining can be dropped off at the Homeowner’s Office which is in the Activity Center. I will be there on Wednesdays this month between 11 am and 1 pm. If you are a current member, please enclose your current membership card if you wish to have that updated.  


The StrawBerry Ridge Ladies Auxiliary has taken over the on-going charity drive to collect useful items for the residents of the Haley's Cove Community Living Center, formerly the James A. Haley Veterans Residence Center. If you would like to contribute, you may drop off any items to any of the members of the Ladies Auxiliary. They will even be happy to pick them up at your home if you give one of them a call. These are the items most needed:

White Socks, White T-Shirts (no sleeveless), White Socks for Diabetics, Ball Caps, Caps with ear flaps, Knitted caps, Disposable Razors, Denture Brushes, Denture Cleaner, Denture Cups, Toothbrushes, Tooth Paste, shampoo, deodorant, Wheelchair Gloves (no fingers), any Paperback Books, Men's Body Wash and Cologne, Combs, Hair Brushes, Large Print Magazines, Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books, Ink Pens, Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books, and A and AA batteries.
Your donations are MOST appreciated! We are so thankful for our Veterans! Contact Ladies Auxiliary President, Amy Lumpkins at 502-5008 or any Ladies Auxiliary member if you have items to be picked up.


By: Wilma Hall 689-8988

The Strawberry Ridge Art Guild meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 9:30 AM until 11:30 AM in the Activities Center during the months of November to April.  Someone once said that deep down inside all of us have an artistic desire just waiting to burst out. What if your artistic ability was to be able to paint a picture, and you did not know it.  You may think that you have no talent for painting, but until you try with someone to guide and help you—you could be wrong. If you already know you have a desire to paint, come join us for the fellowship of other artists and perhaps pick up a tip or two.  


The StrawBerry Ridge Blog was born on September 3, 2008 after months of considering different ways to keep the residents and snowbirds updated on Ridge events in between issues of the monthly Strawberry Toppings. After creating a blog listing all the various activities and contact numbers, more things came to mind that could be helpful to residents of StrawBerry Ridge.  After six years, you can see that the Blog has grown to contain so much more than just a listing of activities.  StrawBerry Ridge is a wonderful place to live, and the Blog is meant to reflect that. Many thanks to all the residents who have contributed photos, articles, and suggestions.  It is much appreciated!                                                         
Chris Ritter, Blogger