StrawBerry Ridge is an adult, gated community located in Valrico, FL. There are 867 homes in The Ridge. The community boasts indoor and outdoor pools, spas, a brand new Fitness Center, Activity Center, and Clubhouse. There are tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a ceramics shop and a woodshop. In addition to all the various activities, there is also a library and billiards room on premises. StrawBerry Ridge has so much to offer. Why would you want to live anywhere else!


Woodshop Meeting
Thursday, April 24th
7:00PM at Clubhouse

In addition to many activities/events that take place every week,
there is also a nice library, puzzle closet, etc. for you to use.
Don't forget the Woodshop and Ceramics Shop.  Only the
monthly or bi-monthly events appear above.


Thursday, May 1st
starts at 1:00PM
at Activity Center
Bring $1

Travel Club
Friday, May 2nd
7:00PM at Activity Center

Saturday, May 3rd
9:00AM at Clubhouse
sponsored by the SRHA

SRHA General Meeting
Saturday, May 3rd
at the Clubhouse
following Coffee Hour
(approx. 10:00AM)

Kentucky Derby Day Party
May 3rd 2014
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
At Clubhouse

In addition to many activities/events that take place every week,
there is also a nice library, puzzle closet, etc. for you to use.
Don't forget the Woodshop and Ceramics Shop.  Only the
monthly or bi-monthly events appear above.


If you have cable tv with Bright House, you can receive the StrawBerry Ridge Community Channel. There is much useful information for all the residents on Channel 95. Why not take 20 minutes and sit down and relax and watch the whole thing scroll. It is updated regularly for you, so be sure to check it often.  If you have an analog tv, you will find it on channel 95.  If you have a digital box, you will find it on channel 98-1 or 95.  And if you are using a hi-def tv with a smartbox (or dvr,) it will be on channel 732.


The Ladies Auxiliary will hold an informational meeting on Tuesday, May 13th, at 7:00PM at the Clubhouse.  If you have any questions, contact Amy Lumpkins.  If you have an interest in getting the Ladies Auxiliary started again, please attend!


Pat Tracy  653-1110
        The May meeting of the Strawberry Ridge Friendship Club will be on the FIRST Sunday this time, MAY 4 TH,  and we will be going to see the afternoon matinee of the Valrico Village Players Musical " Jeckyll and Hyde ". There will be tickets available to any resident of  Strawberry Ridge and all new residents who would like to join us this afternoon.
     Carpooling will be available and RSVP's necessary to reserve seating. Curtain time is 3:00 PM and new prices are in place due the increased costs of advertising and other considerations. Group prices will be $12.00 for Seniors.
    This will be our last meeting until fall, with our summer hiatus, and Mother's Day the following Sunday.  As with our usual routine, a trip out to dinner after the show will be a given.  Please let me know if you will be attending and bringing a guest.
        Wishing everyone a wonderful summer and looking forward to many new adventures in the fall.  Let's all partake of the following and share. 


R.A.C. NEWS has been updated.  Check it out on the right sidebar....


Betty Preast, 807 Choo Choo Lane, passed on 4/13.  Our most sincere condolences go out to David & Karen and all her family at this time. Visitation will be at Hopewell Funeral Home, 6005 County Rd. 39 South, Plant City, on Saturday, April 19th from 2:00PM to 3:00PM with a Celebration of Life from 3:00PM to 4:00PM.  Interment will be in GA.!/Obituary


Kentucky Derby Day Party
May 3rd 2014
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
At Clubhouse
Cost is $3.00

Some refreshments will be provided but feel free to bring some to share with your table. BYOB

There is a hat decorating contest, trivia contest, and games.
Selling Squares for Horse Pool Board each square is $1.00

Get your ticket from any Entertainment Member or Board Member


Did you know that there is WIFI at both the Clubhouse and Activity Center? 
Many thanks to Management for providing this amenity!


Join us for a meal
5:00pm TO 6:30pm
or until sold out

Meal is different each week
Come join your friends and neighbors!
Only $4
Everyone Welcome

Menu for 4/23

Macaroni Noodle Bake

with/Sausage, Mushrooms, Sauce, plus
Small Salad
Dessert, Soda

Planned and Cooked by Mary P. and Helpers
Questions?  Call or see Mary P.


 5  -  Coffee Hour
 5  -  SRHA General Meeting
 5  -  Singers Spring Concert
 6  -  Vets Club Picnic & Auction
20 -  Easter Sunday - Sales Office closed
21 -  SRHA Board Meeting


Paul Clark & John Kuczma
(from Valrico, FL)
402 Caboose Lane

Henry G. Tattrie
(from Mulberry, FL)
412 Box Car Way

Steve & Becky Johnson
(from Valrico, FL)
3510 Wildberry Way

Judith Holt
(from Ashland, NH)
133 Strawberry Junction Lane

Marvin Bergmann
(from Valrico, FL)
Karen Bergmann
(from Denville, NJ)
222 Choo Choo Lane


4-01-1961 –  Hower & Connie St. Clair
4-06-2010 –  John & Renae Cook
4-09-2005 –  Clarence & Beverly Robinson
4-11-1958 –  Thomas & Mary Barcelona
4-11-1959 –  Allon & Anita Gentry
4-19-1975 -   John & Joyce Gill
4-25-1980 –  Bob & Judy Burfitt
4-28-1979 –  Edward & Beverly Alexander


4/3 –   Scot Caristianos
4/3 –   Chris Ritter
4/4 –   Renae Krebs Cook
4/11 -  Barb Anderson
4/12 – Jo An Bernacki
4/13 – Barbara Knecht
4/18 – Joe E. Ress
4/19 – Theresa Chasse
4/19 – Ron Ringstaff
4/20 – Sue Garno
4/20 – Fruma Tanzer
4/23 – Margaret LeGates
4/26 - Marty Sullivan
4/29 –Connie St. Clair


Steven Hurley or 813-315-948

Not long ago I and several other Ridge residents put forward an idea of having a “clearing house”, so to speak, for people to turn to if they found themselves in need of a helping hand now and then.

While we did not get an outpouring of volunteers for this specific venture we received many calls from people describing the numerous and ongoing volunteer efforts that exist already in the park.  We knew that there are neighbors helping neighbors all over the park, in all sorts of situations.  We just thought there may be some that might fall through the cracks.  Turns out you are already doing this, all one has to do is ask almost anyone in the park and help will be at hand.  There is no need for anything more formal at this time.

So while it appears that our project won’t work out, it is only because we live in such a great, warm place where people still believe in neighborhood, community and helping each other when ever and where ever needed.  What more could any of us ask for?


  by Pat Tracy

The movie originally scheduled for the April meeting is canceled. There will be NO meeting in April or May.  Stay tuned for updated info when available.



Any resident who is age 65+ may apply for a permit to ride the bus for half-price. Permits are $2.50, and they must provide either a valid Florida Drivers License or Photo ID to the representative for proof of eligibility.  Contact HART to get your permit.

The 1 Day Unlimited Ride rate is $4, Express $6.  One-Way Fare is $2, Express $3.  The permit would get you half off of these fare.  The bus will stop at Dover Road Park-n-Ride.


While the new posts are shown in the main portion of the blogs, there is much useful info to be obtained from the Sidebar of the blogs as well.  Under Pages you will find the latest R.A.C. News, Activity info including contact numbers, Useful Phone Numbers, Office info, etc.  Below that you will find a complete calendar of all the Ridge activities listed for every day of the year.  Next will be links to all of the StrawBerry Ridge Blogs which are also updated regularly followed by many links of interest to people living in the Ridge.  Check it out.  And don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook.  


Water Restrictions
Latest Changes Effective March 1, 2014

Basic Rules

  1. Restrictions are for all properties in unincorporated Hillsborough County
  2. Irrigation must be accomplished prior to 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM.
  3. Any one zone of a property may only be watered once during the allowable day, NOT both in the morning and evening.
  4. Homeowner associations are prevented from requiring property owners to replace plant materials to meet aesthetic standards.
  5. Use of wading pools or other recreational devices shall be discharged or emptied onto a lawn or landscape area requiring irrigation.
  6. These rules apply to all sources of water including well water and surface water.

Watering Days
Addresses ending in the number 0, 1, 2 or 3:Monday and/or Thursday
Addresses ending in the number 45 or 6:Tuesday and/or Friday
Addresses ending in the number 7, 8 or 9:Wednesday and/or Saturday
 Locations with no address(common areas, entry areas)Fridays only
 Locations with mixed addresses(office complexes, shopping centers)Fridays only 

Detailed Information
New Plants and Grass
On days 1-30, beginning on the day of installation, new plant material including turfgrass may be watered any day of the week, but not between the hours of 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On days 31-60, new plant material including turfgrass may be watered as follows: Even-numbered addresses may only water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; Odd-numbered addresses, locations with no address, and locations with mixed addresses may only water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Following this period all new plant material is considered established and must follow the regular watering day restrictions outlined above.
NOTE: All new plant material (new or replacement turfgrass or new plants/shrubs) must cover at least 50% of an irrigation zone in order to water with an in-ground sprinkler system during the establishment period. If not, the new plant material must be hand watered following the same time of day and day of week restrictions for new plant establishment. (Ex: If you purchased one flat of grass plugs to place throughout your front yard to fill in bare spots, this would not cover 50% of an irrigation zone. Hand watering would be required). Additionally, only those zones containing 50% new plant material may be watered, not the entire yard. (Ex: If you had your entire front yard re-sodded, but not your backyard, only those zones covering the front yard could be run during the establishment period. The back yard zones would have to remain on the regular watering schedule. Most irrigation timers have an A & B program. Program A can be set for the regular watering. Program B can be programmed for multiple days to only water those zones containing the new plant material during the establishment period).
Low Volume Irrigation
Low volume irrigation is defined as a maximum of one half gallon per minute (30 gallons per hour) per emitter. Low volume irrigation is not approved for lawns or turfgrass. Low volume irrigation of plant materials other than lawns and grass is allowed any day at any time. The use must not be wasteful and unnecessary.

Hand Watering
Hand watering of plant materials other than lawns and turfgrass may occur on any day and at any time. Hand watering of lawns and turfgrass may only occur during the designated day and time for irrigation of established lawns and landscaping at that address.

Chemical Treatment
If chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides are applied to your lawn or landscape plant by a certified professional applicator, they can be watered in according to manufacturer’s instructions within 24 hours of the chemical treatment: the evening of the application, or the morning afterward. Applying water following a chemical treatment by a certified professional applicator is allowable on your non-designated watering day provided a dated chemical advisory marker showing the date of application is visible in the yard. All such watering must be prior to 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM. If you apply a chemical treatment to your lawn or landscape plants yourself, the watering in of those chemicals must be done on your designated watering day for your address prior to 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM.

Car Washing  
Allowed on any day at any time, but requires the use of a self-canceling nozzle on garden-type hoses.

Pressure Washing
 and Decorative Fountains
No restrictions, yet residents are asked to still use water conservation methods.

Irrigation System Maintenance
Irrigation systems may be operated during restricted days or hours for cleaning and maintenance purposes, but limited to ten (10) minutes per week. An attendant must remain visibly on site during the entire cleaning and maintenance operation.

More aggressive water shortage action may become necessary, including stringent enforcement, such as issuing a citation without first issuing a warning.


Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
10:00AM at the Tennis Courts

Free Pickleball Lessons available
     Call Barb Purvis at 785-8040


The Ceramics Shop (The Berry Clay Pit) is located in the new Fitness Center on Strawberry Ridge Blvd. It is open for classes on Tuesday at 6:00PM, Thursday and Saturday at 9:00AM. The fees are very nominal. They have everything you will need to get started. In addition to nourishing your creative side, you will find many new friends there. The Ceramics Sale each year is a very popular event, and the people line up early to get in the door to see all the bargains. And if you need a gift, they always have finished products available for sale. Why not stop by and check it out sometime or call Barbara Edwards at 643-6067 for more information.


Don or Dawn CoFrancesco, Chairman  436-0882

Hello Bingo players: Come join us at Strawberry Ridge Bingo every Wednesday night. We have a lot of fun. We kick off the event with a great dinner for $4.00 at 5:00 to 6:30 pm. Bingo cards go on sale at 6:00 pm. We stop selling cards at 6:45. Cost of the cards is as follows: Hard cards are 3 for a dollar, special paper cards (Speed Ball) are 50 cents and three games on progressive three card papers for 25 cents. The most popular is the special wild card number which pays all of what we take in for $1.00 (most games in past have paid out over $100.00). The residents of Strawberry Ridge can pay .50 cents for the hot ball number for the strawberry jar. All of our regular games on the hard cards have a payout that is determined by how many people play (we have been averaging about $10.00 and $15.00 for regular games). If you have never played bingo, come and join us.  We have people waiting to help you with the rules of the game. Dabbers are $l.00.



By: Carol Tate 643-1015

RENTER OR OWNER? If you are a resident living in a home that is owned by a relative or someone else, please let me know to make sure I include your name in the next directory and not the owner.

NEW RESIDENTS: Several new residents have contacted me with their name, address and phone numbers. Thank you.

ALL CURRENT Residents should continue to notify me of any changes to your name, address, or telephone number. E-MAIL ADDRESS: If you would like it included in the next directory, please call or E-mail me with the information.

The 2014 phone books have been delivered.   If you have changes for the 2015 book, contact Carol. 


STRAWBERRY GOLF CLUB is interested in anyone wanting to have some fun golf to join us.  We play at Diamond Hill Golf Course every Monday morning starting at 9:00AM.  Both men and women are in the group, and it is a scramble golf league. There's no pressure, only fun!  Contact Jim Waliga at 684-1935 or for the specifics.  We look forward to hearing from you!


From time to time, we all need extra help.  Isn't it nice to know that we have a Lending Closet in StrawBerry Ridge!  If you need to borrow any type of accessory to assist you in your time of need (wheelchairs, commodes, crutches, walkers, etc.,) contact Barbara Phillips 681-5188 or Barbara Knecht 689-0776 or Steve Hurley 315-9487.  Any one of them can assist you and provide the needed accessory if there is one available.


PENNY BINGO IS PLAYED EVERY MONDAY!  Play starts at 1:00PM on Mondays at the Clubhouse.  Remember to bring your pennies! Just think of all the fun you can have just on pennies!  Contact Mary Phillips at 654-7955 if you have questions.


If you have Caregivers or Hospice Personnel that park on the street at your home after 12:00 midnight, they will need to either have a marked vehicle or display a permit from this office.

Overnight guests & any visitors at your home should contact our office for a pass to display in their vehicle window at one of our designated parking areas.
Beginning in October, all unmarked vehicles or vehicles without permits on our streets after midnight will be towed. No exceptions.
Questions? Call the Strawberry Ridge Office:



How would you like to be of help to your community with the least amount of effort? The Neighborhood Watch Patrol could use your help.  All it would require is spending one night a month driving around the community to make sure all is safe and secure.  Or perhaps you would like to be a Block Captain.  You would be responsible for contacting your neighbors in the event of a crisis of some sort.  Both jobs are very much needed and can be very rewarding.  If you feel you could volunteer a few hours a month, why not give Lisa Stropes a call at 684-9431. They meet on the second Tuesday of every other month at the Activity Center at 7:00PM. NEXT MEETING IS TUESDAY, MAY 13TH, AT THE ACTIVITY CENTER.


Now there is an easier way to get in touch with the SRHA.  They now have an email address, and it is They welcome your suggestions and ideas.


The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.

StrawBerry Ridge has their very own CERT Team.  They meet every other month at the Activity Center at 6:30PM on the 2nd Thursday.  There are many training programs available to CERT.  If you would like to join this valuable venture, call Marty Sullivan at 684-2735.  Watch the Toppings and the StrawBerry Ridge Blog to learn when the next meeting will be held.  


Have you ever wished there would be an easier way  to get help when you have an item for sale, are looking to buy, or need some help?  What if you lost or found an item?  Are you looking for a way to offer your services to other residents?  Check out the STRAWBERRY RIDGE ELECTRONIC BULLETIN BOARD at  All you need to do is click on COMMENTS under the appropriate post and submit with the necessary information.  Please allow adequate time for the posts to go online as they have to first go to an administrator.  You must list your contact information if you want it to be posted.  To read what others have posted, you would also have to click on COMMENTS under each post. All comments will be removed after one month or when the event has passed.  This blog will be an experiment to see if there is any need for it. There are also bulletin boards for residents to use inside the Activity Center (by the SRHA Office) and Clubhouse (by the billiards room.)  It is our hope that you will find this blog useful.



Mulrennan Gate Area
Activities Lane near Clubhouse
Klickety Klak near Postal Boxes

The above Bulletin Boards are to be used by STRAWBERRY RIDGE RESIDENTS only.

ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR ITEMS OR EVENTS OPEN TO STRAWBERRY RIDGE RESIDENTS may be placed on the Bulletin Boards at the above locations along with the Resident's Name, Telephone Number, and the Date of Posting.  Individual Clubs in StrawBerry Ridge may post flyers for upcoming events as they occur during the year.

NOTICES AND/OR POSTERS may be displayed for a maximum of 30 days.  It is the responsibility of the party who posts the item to remove it as soon as the activity is completed. These boards must be properly maintained and in good condition at all times.

ITEMS FOR SALE by individual residents belong on the appropriate boards on a 3 x 5 card only at either the Clubhouse (next to the billards room) or at the Activities Center (next to the SRHA Office.)


The Strawberry Toppings is published monthly and distributed to the homes by volunteer carriers.  To submit your articles for the Toppings, they must be in by the 15th of each month prior to the month of publication.  You may send your articles to Bob Burfitt, Editor, at or take them up to the Sales Office.  Fred and Amy Lumpkins are in charge of distribution.  If you would like to volunteer to help deliver the Toppings or if you did not receive a Toppings by the 1st of the month, please call them at 381-3219 or e-mail them at  To read past issues of the Toppings, see the Toppings Blog at


If you know of a StrawBerry Ridge resident who has passed away, please contact Barbara Knecht at 689-0776 so that a card might be sent.  Please notify Chris Ritter at 654-2940  to have it put on the StrawBerry Ridge Blog and channel 95 or email


Teresa Fuller is the Manager at StrawBerry Ridge.  Her door is always open.  Teresa is available by phone during regular business hours (689-9423) or you can send her an e-mail at



On the first Saturday of every month, a different organization sponsors the Coffee Hour. The monthly Coffee Hours are sponsored by the SRHA.  If your group is interested in hosting, you may sign up on the Bulletin Board at the Clubhouse or contact any of the SRHA Directors.  See you at the Clubhouse!  To learn more about the SRHA, go to


The StrawBerry Ridge Veterans Club has an on-going charity drive to collect useful items for the residents of the Haley's Cove Community Living Center, formerly the James A. Haley Veterans Residence Center. If you would like to contribute, you may drop off any items to any of the members of the Vet's Club. They will even be happy to pick them up at your home if you give one of them a call. These are the items most needed:

White Socks, White T-Shirts (no sleeveless), White Socks for Diabetics, Ball Caps, Caps with ear flaps, Knitted caps, Disposable Razors, Denture Brushes, Denture Cleaner, Toothbrushes, Tooth Paste, shampoo, deodorant, Wheelchair Gloves (no fingers), any Paperback Books, Men's Body Wash and Cologne, Combs, Hair Brushes, Large Print Magazines, Large Print Crossword Puzzle Books, Ink Pens, and A and AA batteries.
Your donations are MOST appreciated! We are so thankful for our Veterans!  Terry Bobb is in charge of this for the Veterans and can be reached at 661-3052.  To learn more about the Veterans Club, see their blog at


One of the amenities in StrawBerry Ridge is the Woodshop. For a mere $20 a year, you can be a member and have full access to the tools and equipment. The woodworkers were busy for many months getting ready to move into their new building just west of the Clubhouse in January of 2009. In addition to the camaraderie of the fellow woodworkers, the group is busy each year making toys for less fortunate children at Christmas time. And if you need something built, contact one of the woodworkers and they will build it for you. The woodshop is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00AM to Noon. Stop by anytime to check it out or call Bob Burfitt 661-6895 for information.


The Fitness Center is open from 6:00AM to 9:00PM daily.  All residents and their guests using the FC must wear their orange bracelets and sign in at the front desk prior to entering the workout area. No one under age 18 is permitted in the FC. Appropriate workout shoes are a must. Towel and water bottles are allowed in the workout room. No gym bags, purses and pool bags are to be brought in. Please wipe down the equipment after using in order to reduce the spread of contact illnesses. Your personal health and safety is important, so please follow the rules.